Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jim Wanserski visits

At Rockhurst University, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality learning experiences that add significant value to a student’s education.  At the Helzberg School, a specific example is how we use practicing business executives as classroom and/or event speakers. 

 Last week, it was a pleasure to host Jim Wanserski, a Rockhurst University alumnus and fraud consultant who has worked across many industries and discovered fraud multiple times.  He visited an International Finance course, and he spoke at our Helzberg School Center for Leadership and Ethics event series.

It was fascinating to listen to his experiences, and I was struck with his central message to the undergraduate students in the classroom discussion.  He emphasized how important it is for each and every student to have an excellent knowledge base and education in their field, but how it is also equally important that they have a deep understanding about how the business works – from top to bottom.  Both of those elements are essential to being successful and to adding value to an organization.

Applying his words to our own Helzberg School, it was with such a sense of pride that I was able to connect what he said to what we try to achieve every day.  Our faculty members are truly experts in their field, but they also are deeply committed to student learning and understanding how the learning process works.  They are constantly trying to learn more about ways that will make the learning more practical, more experiential, more successful.  I’m so proud of them -- how much they know, how much they care, and how much they help students bridge that gap between knowledge and practice.

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